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Understanding digitalization as an opportunity.

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Appreciation, respect, self-determined teamwork - that's the home port of Centracon.


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The Centracon. The IT management consultancy with history and visions. Our focus: digital transformation, user centricity and the digital workplace.
Digitalisation has been our field of activity since 1990. The workplace from the socket was already our vision at that time. Our customers are large medium-sized companies and corporate groups for whom we provide holistic consulting with our consultants. We understand the business, we understand the technology and we understand how to connect them. This is how we turn the ubiquitous bubble of "digitalization" into real added value for IT and business..

Operational Excellence by Digitalisation

Digitalization of workflows means automation of recurring activities. This can be controlled by vending machines and can go so far that bots automatically recognize which activities are recurring and offer the user automatically executed sequences. Digital "Operational Excellence" supports in particular with data-based approaches. In this way, the information requirements of users can always be optimally met.
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Digital Workplace

Digitalisation is also changing the digital IT workplace: it is becoming more flexible. Every app, whether provided in-house or as Software as a Service (SaaS), on every end device, whether provided in-house or as a Bring your Own variant. At any location, whether in the corporate or public network, and this no longer as a standard IT workplace, but individually set up by the user and optimally aligned to his work.
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Changed value creation through digitization

In digital value creation, the breadth and depth of production are re-evaluated. Questions such as "Which activities are still necessary for differentiation in comparison to products and services available on the market", provide answers such as cloud services, hyper-convergent infrastructures, software as a service, etc., are also addressed. New management functions that require extensive IT system support are required in order to use such external services profitably. Depending on the application, features such as standardization, flexibility and adaptability are also required, which have to be implemented in the company itself.
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The Centracon

or: what do we actually do?

As an IT management consultant with a focus on digitalization and digital workstations, our team of IT business consultants and IT architects advise large medium-sized companies and corporations throughout Germany. We understand the business and we understand the technology, so we can advise our customers holistically and also support them in the implementation of solutions.
We offer the experience and know-how of established consulting firms and the flexibility and speed of a start-up.


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The Spirit of the Centracon

or: how do we tick?

A company is so much more than the figures, data and facts that can be presented in a company brochure.  What makes us special, what explains why we tick, how we tick is the spirit at Centracon. And much has influence on it. For example, that we are still a small team despite 25 years on the market. Small but nice!
Would you like to know more about our motto, our start-up mentality, tropical helmets and our know-how?


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“Success depends increasingly on the independence of the workplace.”

Globalization and digitization are forcing companies to adopt an ever greater degree of flexibility. The exchange of knowledge, wherever, whenever, is therefore essential for corporate survival. The prerequisite is liberation of communication from technological and spatial barriers. Modern working is ubiquitous: on the PC in the office, on your notebook at home, on the smartphone when in transit. Virtual. Mobile. Social. Smart Working is not a question of “if” – but of when and how.
Robert Gerhards, CEO Strategy and Finances 

Robert Gerhards – CEO Strategy and Finances

“It’s the fine art of simplifying things. We work methodically to achieve this.”

Centracon stands for structured, productive consultancy. Thanks to our strategic, tool-aided process model – Centracon Solutions Framework (CSF) – we deploy numerous best practices, methods, and standards for reducing even the most complex of projects to the essentials – speeding up yet simplifying work at the same time. That is Smart Working.
Heiko Nass, COO Consulting and Operations 

Heiko Nass – COO
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