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Centracon AG: Trusted Advisor for Digital Workplace Solutions.
The flexible, cost-efficient provision and management of IT workplaces have been at the heart of Centracon’s IT business and technology consultancy activities since 1990. Over the years, Centracon has become a Trusted Advisor in this field for Germany’s leading companies. Smart Working is the standard we aim to achieve.

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Office 365 - wir unterstützen Sie von der Idee bis zur eingesetzten Lösung

Die Centracon Vergleichstudie ist für Sie hier kostenlos erhältlich

Langjährige Erfahrung in Migrationsprojekten sowie mit Office 365

Centracon berät IT-Provider und Anwender vom Mittelstand bis zum Konzern und integriert Office 365 Cloud-Services in die bestehenden Servicelandschaften. Unsere IT-Architekten, IT-Consultants und IT-Business Consultants stellen die Zielkonfiguration und Transition sicher.

Realisieren Sie mit uns Ihren Digital Workplace!

Weitere Einschätzungen über die von Centracon durchgeführte Vergleichsstudie finden Sie auf dem Mircosoft Blog! 

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Digitale Strategien & Prozesse

Wir kennen die Technologien und bringen diese in den Kontext des Business Nutzens, innovativ, bedarfsorientiert und agil.
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“Success depends increasingly on the independence of the workplace.”

Globalization and digitization are forcing companies to adopt an ever greater degree of flexibility. The exchange of knowledge, wherever, whenever, is therefore essential for corporate survival. The prerequisite is liberation of communication from technological and spatial barriers. Modern working is ubiquitous: on the PC in the office, on your notebook at home, on the smartphone when in transit. Virtual. Mobile. Social. Smart Working is not a question of “if” – but of when and how.
Robert Gerhards, CEO Strategy and Finances 

Robert Gerhards – CEO Strategy and Finances

“It’s the fine art of simplifying things. We work methodically to achieve this.”

Centracon stands for structured, productive consultancy. Thanks to our strategic, tool-aided process model – Centracon Solutions Framework (CSF) – we deploy numerous best practices, methods, and standards for reducing even the most complex of projects to the essentials – speeding up yet simplifying work at the same time. That is Smart Working.
Heiko Nass, COO Consulting and Operations 

Heiko Nass – COO Consulting and Operations
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