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Trusted Advisor for Germany’s Leading Companies: Centracon AG.

Centracon was founded in 1990 with the vision of connected working. From these beginnings, the standard of Smart Working was born. People connect with one another and share their competences for the boundless exchange of knowledge – irrespective of time, place or medium. Smart Working is the answer to today’s challenge in which globalization, a shortage of skilled workers, and the new generation of digital natives are demanding increasingly flexible, agile ways of working.

Germany’s leading companies rely on Centracon as a trusted advisor and architect to plan and design their workplaces of the future.

Our services cover IT business and technology consultancy in the strategic development, realization and optimization of virtual, mobile and social IT workplaces.
With added value for your business and people in mind, based on established process models, integrated, economical, and secure solutions for modern cooperation and collaboration are created.

Smart Working gives you a competitive edge. 

Working in a smart atmosphere: Our headquarters in traditional Eicherhof Castle in Leichlingen.

Centracon Spirit

The Spirit of the Centracon

or: how do we tick?

  • About our cooperation: At eye level, reliable and respectful - this is how our cooperation can be described. This applies both within Centracon and with customers and partners from our network.
  • About our team: We are careful when selecting new team colleagues. Of course, skills are also an important point for us. Ultimately, however, the decisive factors are whether an applicant ticks as well as we do, whether he or she has a passion for "our topics" and whether we believe that he or she fits well into the team and the team well with him or her.
  • About our startup mentality: We are always open, even for unusual ideas and paths. We encourage self-determined teamwork and creativity. We make quick decisions and implement new innovative ideas agilely. Everyone contributes in their own way, assumes responsibility and continues to write the Centracon story - just as they have for more than 25 years.
  • Our motto: "Smart Working" is our philosophy, which we live in a team, with partners and customers and also implement for customers.
  • About our know-how: We focus on sustainability - in everything we do. The sharing of knowledge and experience within the Centracon team is an elementary point in our cooperation. Both are reflected in the Centracon Solution Framework (CSF) developed by us - and this to the benefit of our customers and for each of us.
  • About tropical helmets: No two projects are the same. And we like that. We are passionate about our clients' expeditions into digital transformation. Our experience from previous expeditions, all our knowledge and our packed equipment help us in every situation. We are curious, courageous and experienced. That's why we can go the ways that are seemingly impassable and get the customer to their destination. Just like expedition leaders.
  • About our standing: We are not the vicarious agents, but partners of our customers and also communicate critical observations. That's why we often sit at the same table as our customers as a trusted contact partner.

Our Management Team

Robert Gerhards
Robert Gerhards

CEO Strategy and Finances

Robert Gerhards is the founder, strategic mind and spiritus rector behind Centracon AG. As CEO, he is responsible for business development and finances. His main field of responsibility is in the development of progressive business ideas and models for and with customers, partners, and within Centracon. He is particularly challenged by complex questions which demand creative, visionary answers.
Robert Gerhards was born in November 1967. He is married with three children, likes mountain biking, and is a fan of Italy’s Lake Garda.

+49 2175 97381-250

Heiko Nass
Heiko Nass


eiko Naß has been on board at Centracon AG since 2004.
He is the "doer", "pioneer" and "leading host" in the management team. He is characterized by entrepreneurship with common sense, consulting and project competence from more than 30 years of IT professional experience.
After completing his training at Nixdorf Computer AG, he successfully developed a start-up company at the age of 20. He held other management positions at well-known IT companies and was responsible for business development for business models and IT platforms for start-up companies in the Neuer Markt. Together with the Centracon team, he received a coveted BitKom Award for an Enterprise Workplace project.
As a board member, he is responsible for the consulting portfolio and the Centracon Solution Framework. He is responsible for the projects at our customers and accompanies them as an experienced consulting partner.
Heiko Naß's heart and soul lies in constantly developing Centracon's corporate culture and capabilities. The design of the "home port Centracon" and the promotion of a common corporate culture and spirit are important drivers for him. In addition to team development and the expansion of the team, the maintenance and expansion of the partner network are core topics.Heiko Naß was born in April 1967. He is a sports fan, likes to travel and spends time with his Italian tin scooter and American motorcycles. He likes to enjoy good food in a Mediterranean atmosphere in the company of people close to him.

Ingo Buck
Ingo Buck

CSO Sales and Marketing

Ingo Buck is an original founding member of Centracon AG and has helped shape the company to make it what it is today.

As a member of the board, he is head of Sales and Marketing, and responsible for supporting our key clients. He acts as a source of inspiration and moderator for both customers and Centracon.
He finds it important for Sales to present our customers with added value at an early stage, and for services and solutions to have a distinct orientation towards results and customer benefit. These aims are achieved through early, close coordination with the experts at Centracon.
Ingo Buck focuses particularly on Centracon’s role as trusted advisor for its customers, both now and in the future.
He was born in April 1974, is married with two children, and a passionate wakeboarder and jogger.

+49 2175 97381-609

Dr. Wolf W. Lasko
Dr. Wolf W. Lasko

Chief Innovaton Officer


Centracon - the History

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Short and sweet:

(for all those who want to get to know Centracon as a potential employer)

Centracon AG is an IT consulting company and is the pioneer of the "Digital Workplace". Despite the stability with more than 20 years of market experience, we have retained our start-up mentality. We are a speedboat that can react flexibly to changes in the company, the technology and the market.

Our employees are sought-after experts in the market. They understand the business challenges of our customers, can develop holistic IT solutions and IT services for them and successfully introduce them into companies. With innovative ideas and flexible working methods, our team of IT business consultants and IT architects makes us a trusted partner for our renowned customers.

With our holistic experience, we strategically advise the Digital Workplace and implement concrete projects in this context. Our main areas of expertise are virtual workplaces, Office 365 and other cloud technologies, mobility, identity management, user centricity and much more. We create and advise e.g. business cases, architecture and fine concepts, service models, person models and implement the project and program management. This is what we call 360 degree consulting. We continue to develop our topics and services, and our open innovation culture also helps us here.
Would you like to know exactly what we do for our clients? A small selection of our customer projects can be found here.
Are you interested in becoming one of us? Then apply today! Centracon's employees work for our customers in a wide variety of roles.

In order to be able to fulfil these roles, we are looking:

What's it like working at Centracon? Get an idea - at kununu. This is a platform on which current and former employees as well as applicants can rate us - anonymously. This means that you get an unfiltered, honest impression of Centracon as an employer and of our atmosphere.
We are very happy about comments like: "Centracon - a good choice",
"The good ones must be sought ... here you can find one" or "here working is fun".
Of course, we are particularly pleased that we have been awarded the "Top Company" prize. And we will continue to do everything we can to keep it that way.
Contact: bewerbung@centracon.com


Through Firstbird, a recommendation program for businesses, we also do recruiting through recommendations from our employees.  If you suddenly receive an email in which you see a small yellow bird, don't be afraid. Someone seems to think that you could fit well into the Centracon team.

Welcome aboard - Home port Centracon

We are a high-performance team with many skills and a great deal of passion. Our corporate culture, in which empathy, appreciation, respect and openness are essential elements, inspires and makes us a sought-after employer. The home port of Centracon is my personal passion and particularly important to me. I want everyone on board to feel comfortable and to be able to contribute their skills and abilities in order to create great things for themselves and for all of us without hurdles.


Heiko Nass – COO


Here you will find a selection of documents that we have made available for you in our download area.
The elaborations on special topics can be found in our library.

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