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Trusted Advisor for Germany’s Leading Companies: Centracon AG.

Centracon was founded in 1990 with the vision of connected working. From these beginnings, the standard of Smart Working was born. People connect with one another and share their competences for the boundless exchange of knowledge – irrespective of time, place or medium. Smart Working is the answer to today’s challenge in which globalization, a shortage of skilled workers, and the new generation of digital natives are demanding increasingly flexible, agile ways of working.

Germany’s leading companies rely on Centracon as a trusted advisor and architect to plan and design their workplaces of the future.

Our services cover IT business and technology consultancy in the strategic development, realization and optimization of virtual, mobile and social IT workplaces.
With added value for your business and people in mind, based on established process models, integrated, economical, and secure solutions for modern cooperation and collaboration are created.

Smart Working gives you a competitive edge. 

Working in a smart atmosphere: Our headquarters in traditional Eicherhof Castle in Leichlingen.

Our Management Team

Robert Gerhards
Robert Gerhards

CEO Strategy and Finances

Robert Gerhards is the founder, strategic mind and spiritus rector behind Centracon AG. As CEO, he is responsible for business development and finances. His main field of responsibility is in the development of progressive business ideas and models for and with customers, partners, and within Centracon. He is particularly challenged by complex questions which demand creative, visionary answers.
Robert Gerhards was born in November 1967. He is married with three children, likes mountain biking, and is a fan of Italy’s Lake Garda.

+49 2175 97381-250

Heiko Nass
Heiko Nass


eiko Naß has been on board at Centracon AG since 2004.
He is the "doer", "pioneer" and "leading host" in the management team. He is characterized by entrepreneurship with common sense, consulting and project competence from more than 30 years of IT professional experience.
After completing his training at Nixdorf Computer AG, he successfully developed a start-up company at the age of 20. He held other management positions at well-known IT companies and was responsible for business development for business models and IT platforms for start-up companies in the Neuer Markt. Together with the Centracon team, he received a coveted BitKom Award for an Enterprise Workplace project.
As a board member, he is responsible for the consulting portfolio and the Centracon Solution Framework. He is responsible for the projects at our customers and accompanies them as an experienced consulting partner.
Heiko Naß's heart and soul lies in constantly developing Centracon's corporate culture and capabilities. The design of the "home port Centracon" and the promotion of a common corporate culture and spirit are important drivers for him. In addition to team development and the expansion of the team, the maintenance and expansion of the partner network are core topics.Heiko Naß was born in April 1967. He is a sports fan, likes to travel and spends time with his Italian tin scooter and American motorcycles. He likes to enjoy good food in a Mediterranean atmosphere in the company of people close to him.

Ingo Buck
Ingo Buck

CSO Sales and Marketing

Ingo Buck is an original founding member of Centracon AG and has helped shape the company to make it what it is today.

As a member of the board, he is head of Sales and Marketing, and responsible for supporting our key clients. He acts as a source of inspiration and moderator for both customers and Centracon.
He finds it important for Sales to present our customers with added value at an early stage, and for services and solutions to have a distinct orientation towards results and customer benefit. These aims are achieved through early, close coordination with the experts at Centracon.
Ingo Buck focuses particularly on Centracon’s role as trusted advisor for its customers, both now and in the future.
He was born in April 1974, is married with two children, and a passionate wakeboarder and jogger.

+49 2175 97381-609

Dr. Wolf W. Lasko
Dr. Wolf W. Lasko

Chief Innovaton Officer


Centracon - the History

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